11 Safety Basics for New Hampshire Snowmobile Trails

Snowmobiling (especially on New Hampshire Snowmobile trails) is a thrilling yet risky way to enjoy the great outdoors. Before you turn on the engine, it is wise to learn how to properly operate the mechanical controls and safety devices of the vehicle. It is also important to read the owner’s manual and take a safety course.


Keep your rides scenic and safe with the following safety recommendations:

  1. Wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing suitable for the environment that you are riding in.
  2. Do not allow young or inexperienced riders to operate snowmobiles without supervision.
  3. Do not consume alcohol or use drugs before or during your ride.
  4. Learn the proper riding skills and practice them while the motor is turned off.
  5. Stay on New Hampshire snowmobile trails designated for snowmobile use.
  6. Always maintain a safe distance between other riders, and never ride alone.
  7. Always obey the law.
  8. Dress and equip yourself appropriately before riding. Check your local forecast to prevent cold-related illnesses.
  9. Familiarize yourself with the area that you are riding in, and become aware of potential hazards.
  10. Always ride at a safe and responsible speed.
  11. Clear snow dust off your tail lights frequently.

Bottom Line:

Safety First on NH’s Snowmobile Trails

Inexperienced riders are much more likely to be involved in serious snowmobiling accidents than their seasoned counterparts. Therefore, you should contact the New Hampshire Department of Natural & Cultural for more information on available safety courses for both adults and young riders. In most states, they are mandatory for extremely young riders (ages 10 to 15) if they intend to ride off their parents’ property.