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There are two parts to the protection provided by a NH car insurance policy; property damage and liability.

1. Property Damage: Helping your investment stay in tip-top shape.

This part pays for damage to your vehicle. It can include coverage for collision claims, coverage for comprehensive claims, or both.

  • Comprehensive coverage is often referred to as “other than collision” which is a pretty accurate summary. Comprehensive pays to repair or replace a covered vehicle following damage from fire, wind, hail, flood, theft, drone or hitting an animal (to name a few). It also covers glass damage. It does not cover damage caused by collision.
  • Collision coverage comes into play when your car has been damaged as a result of a collision with another object, or it rolls over.In 2015 the average collision claim was $3,350; the average comprehensive claim was $1,671.Source: ISO®, a Verisk Analytics® business.
2. Auto Liability:

Automobile liability insurance covers injuries or damages to third parties and their property, that you (the insured) causes while operating a vehicle.

Say you are at a red light, and the light for the next lane over turns green.

You see the green light out of the corner of your eye, put your foot on the gas, and smash into the car in front of you. You are at fault and because of that, you could be held legally responsible to pay for any resulting bodily injury or auto damage that you caused.

The driver of the other vehicle gets out rubbing his neck and you notice that your SUV smashed the backlights of their sedan. The injured party will likely want you to pay for their medical bills (bodily injury liability), and vehicle repair costs (property damage liability). The liability portion of your car insurance would cover the cost up to the policy’s coverage limit.

Without insurance it is your responsibility to pay for the damages out of pocket and should the third party take legal action, a court could order that your assets be used to pay for the resulting damages that are awarded.

In 2015 the average auto liability claim for property damage was $3,493; the average auto liability claim for bodily injury was $17,024

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