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We go to the gas station so frequently that most people have a favorite gas station – maybe even a favorite gas station attendant or clerk. Although fuel pumping feels like most drivers can do it in their sleep, we don’t recommend it. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, data from 2014 through 2018 estimated an average of three civilian deaths, 43 civilian fire injuries, and $30.0 million in property damage per year due to gas station fires.

When it comes to highly flammable fuel, avoiding problems should always be the goal. Check out these top 8 gas station safety tips. You might just find a recommendation you forgot about over the years.

1. Never leave the pump unattended!

There might be an issue with your car or the pump that needs immediate attention to prevent extremely dangerous and expensive gas spills. Additionally, theft at gas stations is common and someone could see an unattended vehicle as an opportunity. 

2. Don’t get back in your vehicle when re-fueling.

This can be difficult during the cold New England months but even a small amount of static electricity can build up and cause a spark when you touch the metal. That spark can be dangerous when mixed with gasoline vapors.

3. If the tank overfills during refueling, immediately press the emergency shut off button on the gas pump.

4. Don't use a cellphone.

Gas stations are busy places with cars and people maneuvering around each other. Although you’re not likely to cause an electrical spark while using your cellphone around a gas pump, you should stay focused on what you’re doing.

5. Turn your car off every time.

6. Follow proper safety standards when filling a portable gas container.

When filling a gas container, make sure it’s an approved portable container. Containers that are not approved don’t have the proper materials that can withstand the harsh chemicals found in gasoline. Don’t fill the container too full of gas, and always fill it on the ground and not in the trunk of your vehicle.

7. Never smoke, light matches or use lighters while refueling.

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