Three standard exterior home improvement projects, and video instructions to actually do it yourself.

The term “DIY” is used lightly these days. If you’re a homeowner you’ve probably found an article on an “easy DIY project” only to get lost within the first paragraph because it assumes you’re a carpenter.  When it comes to your home, the last thing you want to do is  “wing it” and hope it works out. Very clear, step by step instructions can help you confidently tackle home improvement projects. So that’s the goal of this article.

We reviewed a lot of video tutorials for each of these standard exterior home improvement projects. Ready to enjoy the DIY tutorials that we found most thorough and easy to follow? Read on!

It goes without saying, but be safe. If you find yourself saying “that seems dangerous”, err on the side of safety.

1.  How To Paint Your Front Door

Painting your front door is an easy project that adds obvious curb appeal. The door is like the cherry on top of your NH-home-sundae; With a fresh coat of paint wreaths look better, door decorations pop, and the overall façade has a “finished” look.

Here’s our video pick for how to paint your front door. It’s a video from Checking In With Chelsea and it has great features like a list of supplies needed, right at the beginning. We also like that they took the door off and explained how to install new door handles/hardware.


How To Paint A Front Door


2.  How To Install Flower Boxes

If you’re not any type of contractor or had any construction experience,  window boxes can actually be deceptively tricky to install. Thsi video though, makes it super easy. Tom Silva from This Old House shows us how to install plant window boxes on a vinyl sided house. Make sure you click the “show more” link in the video description so you can see the shopping list and tools needed.


How To Install Window Boxes

3. Installing a Paver Patio

Who doesn’t love a paver patio? There are many different types of paver patios and the space you’re trying to use plays a big role. A lot of the tutorials that claim to be “easy” involve excavators and other large equipment (easy for contractors). But if you’re a true beginner, the best advice is to keep it simple. This video is a straightforward paver patio, and the end product is something that anyone should feel proud of.

Garden Answer’s tutorial is based off of a Home Depot blog post and includes the links to the products purchased to build it, which we found really helpful.


Link text


We hope these tutorials help you save money on home improvements and experience the joy of doing it yourself!